Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy


Vision Wealth Group provides assistance and develops tailored strategies so that individuals can achieve their financial goals.

These goals or objectives might entail preparing your retirement or planning your estate. It Could be to minimize your tax liability or to have appropriate levels of insurance. Specific life situations such as starting a family, purchasing a property or managing an inheritance are circumstances that require knowledge and experience. Financial planning will allow you to have all of these under control, we will simplify your life to ensure your current and future finances are being handled in the most efficient and effective way.


Our Investment Approach


Start with the big picture. Vision Wealth Group pulls all your accounts together and creates a plan designed to meet your retirement goals. That’s why we call each portfolio a “Personal Strategy”. We believe our efforts to integrate your data and projected cash flows with your investment portfolio give you the best chance to meet your retirement goals.


Trying to find the next booming share or jumping in and out of the market is not the answer. Our unique “Smart Indexing” approach takes traditional indexing to the next level. Let us show you how it can generate better performance by avoiding inevitable sector or style busts.


A properly diversified global approach can allow you to earn a higher return while minimizing risk.


We monitor your portfolio every day and make the changes necessary to keep you on track. Smart rebalancing can reduce risk and increase annual returns.

Cut Costs

Industry funds embed their costs inside the fund – hidden fees that take a bite out of your return. Vision Wealth Group charges one simple low fee with life time ongoing support.